Living With Cancer

Living With Cancer

Living With Cancer

Having cancer will affect many aspects of your life and there are many resources that help with all of the experiences that accompany  a diagnosis of cancer.

In this section you’ll find information about potential side effects from treatments, exercise and nutrition information, tools to track your health history and medications; as well as resources for help with daily life like house cleaning and babysitting services and much more.

Cancer Health & Nutrition

For most people, the ability to consistently follow a healthy, well-balanced diet  that tastes good is no easy task.  This is especially true for cancer patients as chemotherapy and radiation often cause cancer patients to experience a lack of appetite, nausea, changes in taste and even difficulty swallowing.

With proper nutrition you can reduce the possibility of having treatment-related-fatigue, lack of energy, significant weight loss, weakened immune system & depression. As you can imagine having these advantages is key to making the fight against cancer a little easier.

Here you’ll see posts for recipes, nutritional guides, and anything else we thing can be delicious and nutritious!

Screening & Prevention For Cancer

Cancer screening and prevention is an ongoing, lifelong commitment whether you’ve never been diagnosed or are a cancer survivor. In this section, you can read about some of the latest knowledge to help prevent or screen for (additional) cancers.

Holidays & Celebrations

Holidays and special events are usually a time for celebration but when you are battling cancer it can be hard to celebrate anything.  Learn about some really cool organizations that specialize in  bringing joy to families during this stressful time. We also include some suggestions on getting through the holidays with cancer.

We’re always looking to get better and provide our readers with the best information to help you through your cancer journey. We cover topics including financial aid and cancer support services. We also have an online cancer navigator that will help you find the resources you’re looking for.