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At the CancerHawk Foundation, our mission is to make the services, products and expertise needed to fight cancer sharply visible to patients and caregivers. 

Meet Robyn Stoller

Robyn StollerRobyn Stoller is the Founder and Executive Director of CancerHawk. Robyn graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelors of Science and from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters of Science in Business. Throughout her career, Robyn held various marketing management positions in high tech companies including Microsoft Corporation.

In 1994, Robyn traveled to Israel where she met and fell in love with Alan Stoller. They married two years later and went on to have 3 beautiful children. In 2009, Alan had surgery to remove what had been diagnosed originally as a “simple lipoma” in his arm. Several weeks later, the final pathology returned with a different diagnosis- pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive cancer. A year later, Alan passed away at the age of 47.

To honor Alan’s memory, Robyn created CancerHawk.com to help others avoid the same frustrations and challenges they experienced throughout Alan’s treatment. By applying her matchmaking skills to cancer (she actually is known for her incredible matchmaking acumen), Robyn now connects cancer fighters and supporters to resources and organizations that offer assistance to anyone touched by cancer.

When not working Robyn loves to spend time with her children Marissa, Benjamin & Ethan and dog Zoe.  She also loves cooking, Pilates and skiing.

Typical Robyn: Sassy. Direct. Witty. The eternal optimist.

Favorite Spot on Earth: Home.

Finds Beautiful: The loving banter of my 3 children. Star gazing and sunsets. Sincerity. A great sense of humor.

Passionate About: Family and friends. Being a great mom. Matchmaking. Never giving up. #EndCancer.

Guilty Pleasure: Boots (cowboy & otherwise). Luke Bryan. Fantasy Football. 7 Little Words.

Personal Motto: “When life you gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

Meet Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Goldstein is the Director of Development at CancerHawk. Lisa is a 1989 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has enjoyed a rich and diverse 26-year career in politics, advertising, sales and non-profit. Most recently, Lisa was the Director of Development at First Descents, a Colorado-based non-profit that sends young adult cancer fighters and survivors on week long adventures. At First Descents, Lisa developed a true passion for the non-profit world and was personally touched by the mission, by the cancer story and by the many participants with whom she established deep personal relationships.

Lisa left First Descents in 2013 to take some much needed personal time and recently began providing part-time volunteer consulting work to Robyn Stoller for the benefit of CancerHawk. The more she “consulted” with Robyn, the more she grew to love the CancerHawk mission, culminating in her recent acceptance as a full-time member of the CancerHawk team. Lisa is very passionate about the mission of CancerHawk and looks forward to connecting cancer fighters and supporters to resources and organizations that offer assistance for the benefit of ANYONE touched by cancer.

When not working Lisa loves to spend time with her husband of 22+ years, Brent, her 3 daughters Bailey, Arlyn and Daryn, and her two dogs Simba and Dexter. She also loves skiing, hiking, biking and reading.

Typical Lisa: Smile and enjoy the experience along the way. I’ll try anything at least once (well, almost anything).

Favorite Spot on Earth: Vail, CO.

Finds Beautiful: My 3 daughters. The Colorado mountains on a sunny day (summer or winter). Generosity and kindness among strangers.

Passionate About: A good book. Family. Long hikes. Mahjong.

Guilty Pleasure: Napping. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Binge watching a good show – Revenge, Scandal, Breaking Bad – really anything!

Personal Motto: “It’ll be fun … I promise.”

Meet Brendan Locke

Brendan LockeBrendan Locke is CancerHawk’s Patient Advocate. Brendan graduated from Ferris State University in Michigan, where he majored in Marketing.  He is a PGA Member and business owner in Wisconsin, Detroit, and St Louis.  He has owned the businesses since the age of 25.

In 2006 Brendan married Melissa Locke.  They have 2 boys.  January 14, 2016, Brendan’s wife Melissa was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma at the age of 37 after what was thought to be pneumonia.  In February Melissa began treatment at MD Anderson in Houston Texas.

Without CancerHawk and its services we would not have the guidance to know what suits our needs best.  We wanted to give back and we are thankful CancerHawk allows us to be part of its fundraising team!

When not working, Brendan loves to golf, hunt, fish, and is a pilot.  He enjoys taking his family for airplane rides and spending time in northern Wisconsin as much as possible.

Typical Brendan: Persistent, fun, I want to help.

Favorite Spot on Earth: Anywhere with my wife and kids.

Finds Beautiful:  Watching my wife be a great mother.  Our children.  Being outside.

Passionate About: Making Cancer History.  Now that I have been given an opportunity in life.  I will make benefit others.

Guilty Pleasure: Airplanes. Fantasy Football. Golf.

Personal Motto: Suffering is part of life.  The pain goes away, but the lessons don’t.

Meet Melissa Locke

Melissa LockeMelissa Locke is a cancer fighter, synovial sarcoma to be specific. Diagnosed in January of 2016 she has made it her mission to make her cancer journey be for good by raising awareness of sarcoma and helping people with sarcoma and other cancers navigate the scary world of being a cancer fighter. 

CancerHawk was instrumental in helping Melissa and her family find resources to help them with travel expenses as she travelled from Wisconsin to receive care at MD Anderson in Houston. CancerHawk has also helped her find resources regarding second opinions and other options for financial relief.

Melissa is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to two young boys.  Prior to that she worked in the senior living industry, helping seniors with all aspects of care from coordinating home health care to helping families with placement into assisted living, skilled nursing care and hospice.  

Typical Melissa: Easy going, fun loving, organized.

Favorite Spot on Earth: In the middle of a family “group hug”.

Finds Beautiful: Sleeping children, an organized pantry and closet.

Passionate About: Kicking cancer to the curb and helping others to do the same.

Guilty Pleasure: New Kids on the Block concerts.

Personal Motto: She believed she could, so she did!