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Research has shown that patients who take an active role in their healthcare tend to have better outcomes.  However the overwhelming nature of cancer makes taking an active role challenging.  In this section you’ll find some of our most important insights and advice on navigating this diagnosis.


10 Things Patients Should Know Before Having Surgery

  FACT:  Surgeries and hospitals are designed to improve a patient’s health. FACT:  Although hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices take many steps to keep their patients safe, medical errors happen. According to National Cancer Institute, medical errors account for 98,000 deaths per year in the United States alone. FACT:  The more...

Brain Tumor Clinical Trial Registries from All Over the World

  The International Brain Tumor Alliance (IBTA) has created a list of brain tumor clinical trial registries available online.  Although some of these resources are specific to brain tumors, others are not.  I am reposting this information as this listing is one of the most comprehensive that I have seen.  Thank you IBTA!...

Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Finder

  Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that boosts the immune system’s fighting defenses to help the body destroy cancer cells.  Many clinical trials testing new and potentially promising “immunotherapies” are currently enrolling cancer patients in the United States and abroad.  To learn more about immunotherapy clinical trials or...

Study Shows 1/2 of Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients Can Safely Avoid Chemo When Using MammaPrint

If you have been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, talk to your doctor about The MammaPrint breast cancer test.   According to the recently published RASTER Study, The MammaPrint breast cancer test (developed by Agendia) can accurately determine which early stage breast cancer patients are at low risk of breast cancer recurrence and can therefore...

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