FREE College Admissions & Financial Aid Counseling for Teen Cancer Survivors

FREE College Admissions & Financial Aid Counseling for Teen Cancer Survivors

financial aid college counseling for teen cancer survivors

Ask anyone who has navigated the college admission and financial aid process and they will tell you that the entire process can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances.  Add-in a diagnosis of cancer (past or present) to the equation and the challenges now increase tenfold.  Students grades may have suffered as a result of missed school due to treatments.  A family’s ability to pay for college, much less college counseling and prep services, may be impacted as a result of the unexpected (and at times, massive) bills associated with treating the cancer.  Challenges such as these can make it very difficult- if not impossible- for some teen cancer survivors to attend college.

To help survivors of pediatric cancer attend college, The National GRACE Foundation provides FREE college admissions and financial aid counseling to these young cancer survivors and their families. The Foundation provide students and families with the following FREE services:  


Admissions and financial aid experts conduct informational group sessions on the college admission process and financial aid process at pediatric hospitals across the country.


The Foundation reaches out to college officials to highlight the adversity that cancer fighters have overcome and helps students understand the various services available to them while in college, such as disability services.  The Foundation can also serve as a reference for students and act as a liaison with the schools.  


The National GRACE Foundation provides one-on-one counseling with pediatric cancer fighters and survivors and their families. Including, but not limited to:

Upon graduation, the Foundation works with students to manage students loans and also assists them in applying for graduate school.    


College Standardized Test Preparation manuals are given free of charge to high school juniors and seniors.

For more information on The National GRACE Foundation, visit

To learn more about various college scholarship opportunities for cancer survivors, read College Scholarships for Cancer.  

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