Motivational Fighting Cancer Quotes

Motivational Fighting Cancer Quotes

Motivational Fighting Cancer QuotesWhen facing illness, sometimes it’s the little things that can help you get through the day. A smile from a stranger, a song on the radio, a call from an old friend or an motivational phrase can make all the difference. After my husband was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive sarcoma, we changed our ring tones to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” . We needed this positive little pick-me-up to get through the day.

Fighting Cancer Quotes

It has been said that a positive attitude can improve the quality of your life during cancer treatment. Although this may not be easy to do, inspiring yourself to stay active, eat well, remain social and focus on things other than cancer can ease a lot of stress.

Below are a few motivational fighting cancer quotes that I hope will put a positive spin on life if that’s what you need:

  1. “The secret in the cancer fighting sauce is to outshine it with light.”- Lynne Knowlton (Lifestyle Blogger)
  2. “You’ve only got 3 choices in life: give up, give in or give it all you’ve got.” – Unknown
  3. “Wear your tragedies as armor, not shackles.” – Anonymous
  4. “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. ” – John Wayne (Oscar Winning Actor)
  5. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Bob Marley (Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
  6. “Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. ” – Anonymous
  7. “Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.” – Unknown
  8. “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” – Jim Valvano (NCAA Championship Basketball Coach)
  9. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of Britain)
  10. “It’s about focusing on the fight and not the fright.”
 – Robin Roberts (American TV Broadcaster)

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Get the latest news, information and resources to help you navigate your way through the complexities of cancer.