Personalizing Your Treatment Plan with Cancer Panels

Personalizing Your Treatment Plan with Cancer Panels

What is the Benefit of Personalizing your Treatment Plan?

No two people are alike; and no two cancers are alike.  This explains why two people with the same cancer diagnosis can respond differently to the same treatment regimen. This is the basic premise behind precision medicine and individualized treatments.


Now imagine a room filled with top oncology experts and scientists.   In this room, a 3 hour conversation takes place about one individual’s cancer diagnosis.  Various treatment approaches- both conventional and novel are discussed and debated.  The end result: the treating physician is given treatment recommendations created just for that cancer patient by renowned oncology experts.  Talk about personalized medicine at it’s best!  Watch one patient’s perspective on Cancer Panels in the above video.


Panels can be set in as little as two weeks and are typically led by Dr. David Sidransky, renown oncologist and researcher.  The panel also reconvenes at a later date via teleconference to review the cancer patient’s progress and other developments.  If necessary, the panel will make additional treatment recommendations and suggestions. For more information, visit Cancer Panels website. And for more information about the wide variety of support, visit cancer support services.

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