Camps for Kids & Families Touched by Cancer

Camps for Kids & Families Touched by Cancer


Attending one of the many camps created specifically for anyone touched by cancer can be a wonderful way to connect with others who share similar experiences.  While some camps are just for children (or young adults) who have been diagnosed with cancer or have survived a diagnosis of cancer; others are for their siblings; and still others are designed for the entire family to attend.  There are even camps for children who have lost a parent or sibling to cancer.  Creating new friendships, sharing adventures, mastering new skills or simply taking a break from cancer are a few of many benefits these camps can offer.

To find a camp that fits your specific needs, check out these incredible resources that list many different cancer camps.  Most camps have oncology doctors and nurses on staff to  provide medical care to campers when necessary.  Additionally, many of these camps are offered FREE of charge to participants.

  • Ped-Onc Resource Center which lists camps by state coupled with a short description of each camp.
  • Cancer.Net also provides a listing of different camp and retreat options for kids and families touched by cancer.
  • Allen’s Guide offers a listing a camps that specialize in oncology.

Also talk to your oncology nurse or social worker.  They may be able to suggest additional camps and/or retreats that may be beneficial for you. If you are looking for more supportive organizations and programs, visit cancer support services.

If you’ve been to a camp that you loved, please comment below.  Knowledge is power… let’s share the power...

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  1. Crystal

    My name is Crystal and I am the Camper/Volunteer Coordinator for Camp Quality of Louisiana. Camp Quality is a Non-profit organization that helps kids with cancer and their families. We have many programs through out the year but one very special program is our summer camp. Each summer we hold a week long camp with the kids (in treatment or remission) may come out and remember what it is like to be a kids again. Camp Quality USA’s matto is “Letting kids with cancer be kids again”
    we have 15 camps across the USA right now and if you would like more information please do not hesitate to visit our website


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