WTF is a Cancer Coach?

WTF is a Cancer Coach?


I’ve heard of a football coach and a basketball coach– who hasn’t, right?  I’ve even heard of a career coach, a relationship coach, a wellness coach and a life coach… but a cancer coach???   Until recently, I had no idea there even existed such a thing… that is until I met Tambre Leighn, founder of Well Beyond Ordinary. 


What is a Cancer Coach? Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)…

Cancer has the ability to affect every aspect of your life.  While some survivors plow through treatment and transition easily into life after cancer, others find it more difficult to do so.  In fact, it is not uncommon for people to feel victimized by cancer.  Some say that it even takes over their life causing previously held priorities and core values to shift.


Coaching is one tool that survivors and caregivers can use to reclaim their life after this potentially devastating diagnosis.  A cancer coach can provide you with support and tools to help reduce stress, address fears and create action plans so you feel empowered and in control again.  For a cancer coach, it’s not just about surviving a diagnosis of cancer, it’s about thriving in spite of cancer.


As with any profession, there are professionals who are the real deal and others who just pretend to be.  Since cancer coaching is a relatively new concept for many, I asked Tambre to suggest how we might be able to tell the difference between a qualified cancer coach and a wannabee when looking to hire one.  She suggests keeping the following in mind:


  • Educate yourself about coaching. Thousands of articles have been written about coaching in the past few years. Search the internet or visit the ICF Research Portal for research articles, case studies, journals, etc on coaching.
  • Interview several different coaches before you decide on one. Ask each about his or her experience, qualifications and skills.  Also ask for at least two references.  (Note: In some cases, confidentiality agreements may prohibit some coaches from giving you a reference.)
  • Look for a cancer coach who stands behind his or her work.  Often times coaches will offer an initial consultation free of charge as well as a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the process.
  • Remember, coaching is an important relationship. Make sure a connection exists between you and the coach you choose.

If any survivors or caregivers reading this post have worked with a cancer coach and are willing to share their experiences, please either comment below or email me at Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services and feel free to share them with anyone know needs them.

Knowledge is power… please share the power.


2 thoughts on “WTF is a Cancer Coach?

  1. Chelsea

    I currently work with Tambre Leighn from ICF. I was referred to her through HLAC UCLA. I am a 14+ year pediatric brain cancer survivor. It’s funny how you can go months or years and not have something come up emotionally regarding your cancer journey, then all of a sudden a hard day hits and you’re thinking about your experience with cancer. This is what I love about Tambre not only is she someone I can bounce all of my goals and ideas off of, she’s also someone I know can help me when I need to vent about my feelings with cancer and she actually CARES. She amazing. She’s never invalidated any feeling good, angry, excited, bad etc , but she always has a way to spark a sense of achievement, opportunity, hope and positivity. I always walk away with so much excitement for what I am currently doing in life and how far I’ve come within in my personal growth. She inspires and helps to always keep the “good” shining even when it’s hard to see your own, she’ll make sure you never forget how much you have in this life and how strong you are to be where you are, wherever that might be. Then she gives amazing resources that you keep to help you inspire your next move, or journey- and she keeps track of all of this as well, so she always is on the same page as you. It’s not a kitchy or confrence”y” way of coaching, not a sit on the couch and let me judge what you’re saying and doing or a one way works for everyone kind of thing, Tambre acts as a friend, mentor and someone to bounce ideas, goals and needs off of, then she does her best (which is always above and beyond) to help you find a personal plan and action to get you where you want to go. I’ve been so blessed to find her and be able to work with her, she’s great about making it happen for you and working with what you need. Now that I have her as a coach I’d never go without her. I set up calls when I need something and even when I’m not paying for coaching she checks in via emails or Facebook. She’s someone who truly cares about your achievements and well being, I’ve never invested money in a better place or/and relationship. She is a huge part of my ongoing success within my business and personal achievements, she keeps me constantly in forward motion and seeing how I can help others too!

    1. Robyn Post author

      Hi Chelsea, Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us. Tambre is an incredible woman and so are YOU. xoxo Robyn


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