A Little Shirt Can Go A Long Way

A Little Shirt Can Go A Long Way


These orange “Strength” shirts brought tremendous comfort to rhabdomyosarcoma warrior Brett Johnston which is why Brett’s best friend & cousin (Cory Allen) and brother (Scott Johnston) created CancerTees.


In May of 2009, Alan had brain surgery.  I remember sitting in the waiting room of MD Anderson with Alan’s parents and his sisters for 8 hours anxiously awaiting news about Alan’s surgery.  There were tons of other people there also waiting for news about their loved one’s surgery.  Although I have tried very hard to put the memory of that day out of my mind, the one thing I will never forget is Darla.


I don’t know Darla personally- I’ve never actually met her.  You see, Darla was one of the people also being operated on that day at MD Anderson.  Her 25+ closest friends and family sat near us in the waiting room.  They were eating homemade pickles & fried chicken (which smelled delicious!) and they were all wearing these bright pink shirts that said “Darla is Kicking Cancer’s Ass.”  They were fun and full of energy and they were making the best of a tough situation.  The positivity, the energy, the hope that they brought to the waiting room that day was wonderful… and it gave me a feeling that somehow everything would be ok for both Darla and Alan.


Just last week I connected with CancerTees, an organization founded by 2 guys who have been directly touched by sarcoma.  They sell customized t-shirts (like the ones they wore for Darla), hoodies, sweat pants, blankets & bracelets as well as pre-printed ones with sayings like “Cancer Fears Me,” “Survivor” and “Real Men Wear Pink”.


Not only we do have the “sarcoma connection” in common, but I LOVE that a percentage of each sale gets donated to a cancer warrior profiled on the CancerTees site.  Each warrior receives $500 to do with what they choose… pay bills, buy a wig, whatever they need.  If you are looking for a shirt to show your support of a loved one battling cancer, check out CancerTeesyou’ll be doing a double mitzvah (good deed).  Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services that can help make the most of a bad situation.

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