Financial Aid for Breast Cancer Patients from The Pink Fund

Financial Aid for Breast Cancer Patients from The Pink Fund

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If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, have lost part or all of your income during breast cancer treatment and are finding it difficult to make ends meet, check out The Pink Fund.

The Pink Fund provides 90 day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to both male and female breast cancer patients in active treatment.

How The Pink Fund works:

1.  The Pink Fund financial aid can only be used to cover basic living expenses such as health insurance premiums, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, car insurance, or utilities.  The Pink Fund does not make payments for any medical treatments, prescription drugs, medical co- pays, insurance deductibles, prostheses, wigs, food, gasoline, or car repairs.

2.  Financial aid for cancer patients is available for up to 3 consecutive months.

3.  Should an applicant qualify, The Pink Fund will make direct payments to the recipient’s creditors. No funds are directed to the recipients themselves.

4.  To see if you qualify for financial aid from The Pink Fund, you will need to answer a brief pre-qualification questionnaire.  If you meet their guidelines, you will be then be able to download an application.

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9 thoughts on “Financial Aid for Breast Cancer Patients from The Pink Fund

  1. Lys Alexander

    Hi my name is Lys Alexander and I am A cancer patient going through chemo and radiation not working as much as I would like to I have to be at radiation EVERY day for the next 5 weeks takes time away from my son, work ETC. Looing for some financial help cannot seem to get through to the pink fund if ANYBODY can give me some information I would greatly appreciate it thank you all.

  2. Ruby Baughman

    My name is Ruby Baughman an I am taking Chemo for 6 months an need help with my rent car payment duke energy insurance for i am having a hardship I live at 1214 Two Mile Circle west, Wilmington N.C. 28405 my phone number is 910-409-2544 please let me know if someone would help me .

  3. Debra. Johnson

    Yes I’m a breast cancer patient I have little ones at home who need me what do I need to get life insurance and to pay my bills and gas to get back and four to doctor 405 8751811

  4. Glory mendoza

    Hi I have recently applied for the pink fund due to me not working since diagnosis in Aug. is there anyone to speak to regarding application I’ve uploaded all documentation that was asked of me but have not heard anything. My number is 505-974-9762 you can call me at anytime to let me know status of application. I believe I met all qualifications.

    1. Robyn Post author

      You will need to contact the Pink Fund directly at 877-234-PINK (7465). I hope they will be able to help you. They are an amazing organization.

    1. Robyn Post author

      Hi Beronica. Thanks for reaching out to CancerHawk. You will need to connect directly with The Pink Fund for assistance. To find even more organizations that may be able to help you, please visit Type is your diagnosis, age and zip code of where you live. Then under Types of Assistance, check off the areas like grocery assistance or living expenses that you are interested in. A list of organizations that may be able to help you will be listed. You’ll need to connect directly with these organizations as they provide the services. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. xo Robyn

  5. Victoria Jackson

    Just had my surgery on April 29 second one and looking for some financial assistance !
    Please let me know if you can help!


    Victoria Jackson

    1. Robyn Post author

      Hi Victoria,
      I hope you are feeling well. Please go to the search box on this site and click on breast cancer. A listing of all resources that can help anyone touched by breast cancer will come up. Please connect directly with each organization for assistance. Contact information is included within each post. Sending you much love & light as you continue to heal. xo Robyn


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