Finding & Researching Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

Finding & Researching Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

35707220 - tablet with word mesothelioma and stethoscope. lung disease concept.This post was co-authored by guest bloggers by Howard Mullins and Joe Belluck.  For more information on symptoms, diagnosis & treatment of mesothelioma, check out

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that originates in the protective lining covering the internal organs of the body.  Technically known as “malignant mesothelioma”, this form of cancer is often the result of exposure to asbestos.  While there is no accepted cure for mesothelioma, there is a lot of research taking place around the world and a number of clinical trials that may be appropriate for some patients.

While a conventional cure has proved difficult to come by, there are treatment options available for people suffering from malignant mesothelioma.  The experimental route is a viable option for lots of people, who choose to treat their cancer through one of many clinical trials.  Conducting research into clinical trials and choosing your own personal path can be difficult however, especially if you don’t know where to start looking.

When looking for information on clinical trials related to mesothelioma cancer, the first step should be to check the list of primary clinical trials published by the National Cancer Institute (  This list contains mostly cancer trials, with a few other rare medical conditions also listed.  It can be searched using a number of categories, such as cancer type, stage of cancer, intervention, drugs used in the trial and trial location among other things.

The trials listed at the National Cancer Institute website cover a lot of ground and also include a number of non-treatment trials such as genetic trials and prevention trials.  However, mesothelioma patients are likely to be interested mostly in clinical trials, with 72 mesothelioma cancer trials listed as of January 2012.  Of these clinical trials, 42 are conducted in the United States, with the remainder taking place at various locations around the world.

Along with the National Cancer Institute, there are also other resources available for mesothelioma cancer patients.  The U.S National Institutes of Health publish a list of trials at, including a range of cancer trials and those for non-cancerous conditions such as diabetes and AIDS.  There are 118,682 trials listed on the website as of January 2012, located in 178 countries.

With so many clinical trials listed here, mesothelioma patients will find it necessary to filter out information not specifically relevant to mesothelioma cancer.  The U.S National Institutes of Health database has the ability to filter trials based on conditions, as well as categories such as trial status, drug intervention, and location.  As of January 2012, there are 190 trials for mesothelioma, with options to list trials based on the updated nature and status of each entry.

Once any trials of interest have been found, it is important to print out the available documentation and see a professional oncologist with as much information to hand as possible.  Once an oncologist has reviewed your selection, you can ask for advice based on your condition and how it relates to the eligibility criteria and type of each clinical trial.

Clinical trials are a viable option for many mesothelioma cancer patients, with a range of different options to choose from.  It is important to conduct a detailed review of all trials on offer and filter out those that are not suited to your condition and personal needs.  Once an oncologist has been consulted, it is time to make contact with clinical trial directors based on your personal preferences and recommendations from your oncologist.

Again this post was co-authored by Howard Mullins and Joe Belluck. Howard Mullins is an independent health researcher.  The main focus of his research is advancements in the treatment of mesothelioma.  Joe Belluck has a long history of working with mesothelioma patients, is founding partner of the law firm Belluck & Fox, and is the Editor in Chief of

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