iPhone App to Organize Your Medical History

iPhone App to Organize Your Medical History


Throughout our battle with cancer, we must have seen at least 2 dozen doctors specializing in different areas of care, and that doesn’t include all the residents or interns we were forced to speak with or the doctors we met during our unexpected emergency room visits. I felt like a broken record repeating the same information on Alan’s diagnosis & everything that went along with it (meds, supplements, timeline of events, surgeries, etc.) time after time after time. Candidly it was exhausting and as time went on and the amount information I had to share increased, my ability to accurately communicate these details was dwindling away.


ExpressWell is an iPhone app that organizes your critical medical info,

At-a-glance summary of your medical history

making it much easier to relay health history when seeing a new doctor or at an ER visit.  ExpressWell tracks the sort of information a doctor needs to know to treat you (like what medications & supplements you’re taking, any

conditions or allergies, & medical events or procedures you’ve had) plus it stores contact info for all your doctors.  You can store up to 10 different people’s information which is a great feature for families.  Plus, ExpressWell is 100% private and password protected.  Patient information is not retained or uploaded to any web site; it never leaves your mobile device. Patients control who sees their personal health information and when.  All you have to do is keep it current with up-to-date information.


To learn more about this app, visit Express-well.com or download it directly from the iTunes App Store.





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