Good Nutrition Made Easy…

Good Nutrition Made Easy…

Oooooh… I LOVE rainbow swiss chard- nutritious & delicious!


For most people, the ability to consistently follow a healthy, well-balanced diet is no easy task.  This is especially true for cancer patients as chemotherapy and radiation often cause cancer patients to experience a lack of appetite, nausea, changes in taste and even difficulty swallowing.  Without proper nutrition, treatment-related-fatigue, lack of energy, significant weight loss, weakened immune system & depression can take over making the fight against cancer even more difficult.  Proper nutrition during cancer treatment is KEY.  (Good nutrition is also really important AFTER treatment is complete to aid in recurrence prevention.)


Although no study has proven that diet and nutrition alone can cure cancer, eating nutritious foods can strengthen your body and build up your immune system to be able to better withstand cancer treatments.  So if you’re not able to cook (or have friends prepare) nutritious meals or you are having a hard time finding foods that you can eat, check out Meals to Heal.  Their meals are specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of people with cancer.


Meals to Heal provides fresh meals, customized to your specific tastes & needs, that are both nutritious & delicious- and delivered right to your door.    Meals to Heal has Registered Oncology Dietitians on staff to answer any questions you may have; uses organic ingredients whenever possible; and has USDA Investigators on site to ensure food freshness.  All meals are based on a Mediterranean-style diet and prep is super easy… just heat & eat.


Orders can be placed for either 5 or 7 days worth of meals- each day consists of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus two daily snacks.  The cost is $35 a day and this includes delivery.  Meals are delivered within 48 hours of ordering.  Gift certificates are also available.  Soon, Meals to Heal will be offering a dinner-only option as well.  So check it out… and if you order meals from them, please post your feedback.  Knowledge is power… Share the power.  Bon Appetit!


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