Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen

Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen

Simply put, I believe that whatever you put into your body affects your body.  Makes sense, right?  I also have to say that personally, I believe that food choices alone can not cure someone of cancer… although such choices can  strengthen the human body and help boost our immune system- two necessities in the fight against cancer and the prevention of it- which is why I LOVE this brand new book called “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen:  The Girlfriend’s Cookbook & Guide to Using Real Food to Fight Cancer”.  


Authors Annette Ramke & Kendall Scott are both certified holistic health coaches as well as cancer survivors.  Based on their experiences, they wrote “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen” to be more than just a another healthy cookbook … it’s also a guide that contains sound advice and tips that are manageable & easy-to-follow.  Their advice is both real & realistic.  I especially their “Poor, Better & Best Picks” strategies.  After all, the key to making any dietary changes  requires work and is often more successful when the changes are made over time so being able to look at choices in this way is super helpful.


As far as recipes go, I am obsessed with all of their smoothie recipes (great to have when feeling the “chemo blues”),  the Banana Veggie Muffins (my kids LOVE these), the Baby Bok Choy with Shiitakes, Pumpkin Seeds & Gojis (so delish), & the Cashew Kale (yummy!).


For more information & recipes, check out their website– and sign up for their FREE menu planner too.



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Get the latest news, information and resources to help you navigate your way through the complexities of cancer.