Guided Imagery App to Help Fight Cancer

Guided Imagery App to Help Fight Cancer

Many, many years ago, I was told the following by a client of mine:

If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you shall achieve it!

Although I do NOT believe that the power of positive thinking alone can cure a person of cancer, I do agree with many that “positive thinking can lead to good things … a better mood, increased happiness, and – this is key – making a patient more willing to endure the rigors of mainstream medical treatment.”  (CBS NEWS, Just How Powerful IS Positive Thinking)

To that end, check out this new, really cool mobile app called Whip Cancer.  Whip Cancer was designed to help cancer patients relax & stimulate their immune systems by using visually enhanced guided imagery tools that accurately picture the cancer cells they want to expel from their bodies.  To learn more about Whip Cancer, watch this YouTube video below and to download the Whip Cancer App from iTunes, click HERE.

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