The Joy Bus Feeds Cancer Patients in Arizona (Maricopa County only)

The Joy Bus Feeds Cancer Patients in Arizona (Maricopa County only)

The Joy Bus Feeds Cancer Patients in Arizona

This isn’t your typical groovy bus…. It’s THE JOY BUS and it delivers homemade meals to cancer patients!


Finding the time cook a yummy, healthy, home-cooked meal when a loved one is battling cancer is no easy task.  So often times, friends and family members will start delivering prepared meals and gift cards to restaurants to help out.  But if you live in Maricopa County, Arizona, you are in luck- The Joy Bus now delivers fresh, homemade, healthy meals to cancer patients FREE of charge.  WowZaWowWow! 

Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)…

The Joy Bus offers 3 programs to choose from:

Program A:  Once a week, Joy Bus can deliver up to 5 yummy, healthy meals like Roasted “Smart” Chicken with Squash Blossom Risotto and Local Greens directly to your house.  Meals are healthy, delicious and use mostly local & organic ingredients whenever possible.

Program B:  For those on a restricted diet.  In addition to everything mentioned above in Program A, these meals are gluten free, sugar free & salt free.  Doesn’t Melange of Seasonal Vegetables, Fresh Shell Beans and Walnut Pistou sound amazing?!

Program C:  You can pick up “Family Style” meals like Summer Vegetable Lasagna & a simple salad of garden lettuces with vinaigrette for the entire family to enjoy.  Just place an order through The Joy Bus’ online system.


Eligibility for The Joy Bus meals is based on an individual’s physical inability to acquire or prepare meals due to cancer or other homebound debilitating illnesses.  To apply, please email your request to

p.s.  “Cancer sucks. Our food doesn’t!”  This is a direct quote from Founder of Joy Bus’s young son.  I love it 😉

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