Raising $$$ to Help Cover Cancer Treatments & Expenses

Raising $$$ to Help Cover Cancer Treatments & Expenses

Raising $$$ to Help Cover Cancer Treatments & Expenses

I had no idea how expensive having cancer could be, that is until I lived it… co-pays, RXs, supplements, OTC meds, special foods, private nursing assistance, testing or procedures that insurance didn’t cover (even though we had excellent insurance coverage), parking fees at doctor’s offices, the list of expenses goes on & on.  An estimated 30% of insured cancer patients go into financial debt because of cancer. OMG!

Many people facing a medical crisis have no choice but to turn to friends & family for financial help. And GiveForward is a great tool to help do this.

GiveForward provides free online fundraising pages allowing friends and family to raise money directly for a loved one undergoing a medical crisis.  Donors & visitors can also send virtual hugs & share words of hope on the GiveForward page.  You can even integrate your GiveForward page with FaceBook and CaringBridge.

Here’s how it works:

1.  You create a personalized page telling your story and promote it to friends and family.  It’s super easy to set up.

2.  Give Forward provides every user with their own personal fundraising coach to help you reach your goal and answer any questions you have along the way.  AMAZING!

3.  At the end of the fundraiser, Give Forward sends the beneficiary of the fundraiser a check for the amount of $$$ raised (minus a 7% processing fee- so for every $100 donation, GiveForward keeps $7.)

Click HERE for some testimonials from people who have used Give Forward.




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