got Tumors in the Liver? get to know YES! Beat Liver Tumors…

got Tumors in the Liver? get to know YES! Beat Liver Tumors…


YES! Beat Liver Tumors is the best source I’ve found for information on cutting- edge treatment options, resources & support for anyone diagnosed with either primary liver cancer or has cancerous tumors that have spread to the liver from other cancers such as breast cancer, carcinoid, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, melanomas, neuroendocrine cancer & pancreatic cancer.  (Many thanks to Erika from @ColonTown– an amazing resource for colon cancer support- for introducing me to @BeatLiverTumors. XOXO) 

What can Yes! Beat Liver Tumors help me with? 

Wanna know who are the top docs, surgeons & interventional radiologists in your area?  Call Yes! Beat Liver Tumors at 877-937-7478.

What are your treatment options for liver cancer?  Are you evaluating targeted therapies like radioembolization (TheraSphere and SIR-Sphere) or chemoembolization?  Call Yes! Beat Liver Tumors at 877-937-7478.

Wanna talk to someone whose been in your shoes?  Call Yes! Beat Liver Tumors at 877-937-7478– they can match patients to survivors with a similar diagnosis or someone who has experienced a particular treatment that your evaluating.

Need help working with your insurance company to get the necessary approvals to receive treatment?  Call Yes! Beat Liver Tumors at 877-937-7478.

Need financial assistance? Call Yes! Beat Liver Tumors at 877-937-7478.  They can direct you to resources that might be able to help.

The bottom-line is that Yes! Beat Liver Tumors helps anyone touched by liver tumors fight…. they connect patients with doctors and new treatments- “medical matchmaking” if you will.  BTW, founder Suzanne Lindley has been living with stage IV metastatic colon cancer for 14 years- and counting.  And her doctors had told her that she had only 6 months to live when she was initially diagnosed. Oh how wrong those doctors were! Thank goodness!!!

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