WTF is a TheraSphere for Liver Cancer?

WTF is a TheraSphere for Liver Cancer?

TheraSphere (also known as radioembolization or selective internal radiation therapy-SIRT) is an innovative liver cancer treatment option designed to help treat both cancer that originate in the liver and cancers that have spread to the liver.  It’s a form of internal radiation therapy using millions of tiny glass beads (1/3 the width of a human hair) containing radioactive yttrium-90.

Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)

TheraSphere offers an innovative treatment option or alternative to liver cancer therapies used for unresectable or inoperable liver cancer tumors.  This therapy is typically done on an outpatient basis and has fewer side effects when compared to traditional forms of treatment (chemo & radiation).


Here’s how it works:  A doctor injects TheraSphere into the hepatic artery of the liver through a small flexible tube known as a catheter.  The tiny radioactive glass beads flow directly into the liver tumor via its own blood vessels and become permanently lodged in the small blood vessels of the tumor. The radiation destroys the tumor cells from within the tumor, with minimal impact to the surrounding healthy liver tissue. The radioactive microspheres will continue to emit radiation over the course of several weeks after TheraSphere treatment and radiation levels will decrease to insignificant levels.


To see if there is a cancer center or treatment facility near you that offers TheraSphere, click HERE for information from Nordion, the makers of TheraSphere.  Cancer Treatment Centers of America also has a ton of great information on this innovative treatment option on their website.


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    Thanks so much for your comment David. I agree- there are a lot of super smart people out there trying to cure cancer…. or at least make living with cancer a chronic but bearable disease rather than a death sentence. Thanks so much for reading CancerHawk!


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