Tools that Keep Track of Vital Information

Tools that Keep Track of Vital Information

Knowledge is power…. and when it comes to cancer, knowing and keeping track of the different procedures, doctors, scans, results, treatment plans, hospitalizations and medication history crucial.

Check out these tools designed to help patients & caregivers not only organize vital information, but make it readily accessible:

I LOVE The Medical Day Planner (just published in April, 2012).  The Medical Day Planner

This planner is a book that not only helps track vital information, but it shares information and tips that can help patients & caregivers better navigate the medical maze.  It contains information on writing advanced health care directives, tax deductibility of medical expenses, what to ask when looking into assisted-living facilities, and much more.  Check out for more information and a GREAT blog.


BTW, The Medical Day Planner will also have an iPhone app available soon.  It will allow patients & caregivers to track the same info as the book but it also will have a “share” button allowing the user to send vital information to other caregivers, save photos of medications and upload test/scan results. AMAZING!

livestrong app


LIVESTRONG created a “Cancer Guide + Tracker App” for the iPAD (released about 6 months ago), which let’s you store and access information relevant to your treatment electronically.  There’s a MY JOURNAL section and a TRACKER section for tracking appointments, treatments, medication schedules & symptoms. Users can also link to confidential, one-on-one support provided by Livestrong’s Cancer Navigation Center staff for issues as diverse as dealing with emotions and managing debt to fertility preservation & post treatment concerns.  (Don’t have an iPad? You can order a LIVESTRONG Guidebook- just visit for more information.) 

Man o’ man,  I wish some of these tools had existed while we were battling Alan’s cancer….


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