What Next?

What Next?

Navigating what I call the "cancer-maze"

Check out WhatNext.com…  it’s an interactive website (and support network) that connects those touched by cancer with peers, experts and organizations that can help give guidance on possible next steps- and its presented in an easy-to-digest format which is KEY and candidly, unusual in the world of cancer.


What can WhatNext.com do for me? 

Being told that you or a loved has cancer is life-altering and devastating, and that’s an understatement.  Add in the fact that navigating a treatment plan and knowing about, much less making sense of the options, the information & the resources that exist to help a cancer patient and their caregivers makes a difficult situation (again, understatement) even more challenging and unbearable.  This is why I created CancerHAWK and why David Wasilewski built WhatNext.

In a nutshell, WhatNext helps patients, caregivers or anyone touched by cancer make sense of the “cancer-maze” by connecting them to the people, perspectives and resources they need when they need them.

On WhatNext, you can share details about your cancer journey (anonymously or not) and WhatNext will instantly connect you to others on a similar path – and to relevant resources based on your specific situation or geographic location.  It’s so simple to set up an account and even easier to input your relevant information.

To “meet” others who are walking in your shoes, WhatNext offers the following options to help select the best peers for you to connect with….

  • Diagnosis
  • Role (patient, caregiver, family/friend, Lost a loved one to cancer, spouse/partner, etc)
  • Stage of Cancer
  • Stage of Treatment
  • Age
  • Gender
  • State.

WhatNext also has a “Question” Section where you can post any question and get it answered from others in the cancer community.  It’s a great site for anyone trying to navigate their way through a diagnosis of cancer and for helping to figure out “What’s Next?”.

Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services.

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