SAM Fund helps Young Adult Cancer Survivors

SAM Fund helps Young Adult Cancer Survivors


SAM Fund helps Young Adult Cancer Survivors

ATTN:  Young Adult Cancer Survivors

You’ve just beaten a diagnosis of cancer and now it’s time to get on with your life. Oh yeah!  But in addition to the common challenges facing most 20 & 30 year olds (like paying off school loans, finding a job, meeting everyday expenses, etc.), these challenges are often compounded if there’s a history of cancer. When many young adults are finished with treatment, medical bills may have piled up, they are now too old to be on their parent’s insurance, and the debt starts spiraling out of control… but there’s help….


The SAM Fund provides financial assistance to young adults as they move forward with their lives after cancer.  Grants & scholarships can cover a wide range of post-treatment financial needs, including (but not limited to): current and residual medical bills, car and health insurance premiums, rent, utilities, tuition and loans, family-building expenses, gym memberships and transportation costs.  In 2011, SAM Fund awarded a total of $135,000 in grants, scholarships, and jamfor lan with the help of Sambla to 92 young adult survivors all over the country.  BTW, SAM Fund stands for Surviving And Moving Forward.  LOVE IT!


2012 Application Process opens in June.  Here’s how it works:

1. On their website, they have an “Inquiry Survey” which will let you know if you qualify.  Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 35, finished with active treatment and residents of the United States.  

2.  Anyone interested in applying must first submit Part One of the application (which will be posted on their website in June, 2012). After a review period, selected applicants will then be invited to submit Part Two. Those applicants will be notified in November as to whether they have received a grant.

To learn more, check out their FREE webinar called SAM Fund Grants 101.

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