Kickin’ some mASS…

Kickin’ some mASS…

mass kickers

If you are a young adult (ages 15-40)newly diagnosed with cancer or any sort of tumor or are a loved one of a young adult with tumors, check out mAss Kickers, an amazing resource dedicated to helping serve the young adult cancer community.


What is mAss Kickers? Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)…

Every year, over 70,000 young adults between the ages of 15-40 are diagnosed with cancer.  Because of their age, young adult survivors face a variety of unique challenges:

  • they are caught in between the world of pediatric oncology & adult oncology
  • they typically have to manage re-entry into school or the workforce after cancer
  • they may face certain insurance coverage issues (once students graduate, they are usually required to be removed from their parents’ insurance policies & finding new coverage is no easy task)
  • infertility as a result of treatment & neurocognitive effects or secondary malignancies are also major concerns

The mAss Kicker’s website provides helpful resources that young adults can turn to for diagnosis specific treatment information & assistance, interviews with leaders in the survivor community as well as special articles on treatment perspectives and research.


I especially LOVE their group blog…. (and I really, really LOVE Catherine’s posts- she’s one of my favorite young bloggers ever to walk the planet!).  The blog is written by a group of young adult survivors who can totally relate to what you’re going through.  And on the bottom right hand side of their blog, they list a TON of amazing resources specifically designed to help young adult cancer patients- they call it ORGANIZATIONS THAT KICK MASS!  like First DescentsThe SAM Fund, Single Jingles and many others.

I LOVE mAss Kickers’ slogan “Tumors Suck!”  Yes they absolutely do!mass kickers

Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services.

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