Kick Cancer Overboard…

Kick Cancer Overboard…

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Imagine this…  A cruise ship filled with cancer fighters and survivors, their friends, family and supporters – all together celebrating life in a place where those touched by cancer can take a break for a few days… where the most important question is not how to pay for the next medical bill, but whether to play bingo, get a massage or sing karaoke.  Sounds nice, right?  

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Founder & travel agency owner Ted Friedli was frustrated (understatement of the century) as he watched otherwise healthy friends & family succumb to cancer.  As a way to  bring a little happiness & sunshine in people’s lives, he created “Kick Cancer Overboard“.  Their mission is to provide FREE cruises to people that been touched by cancer.

Kick Cancer Overboard‘s next cruise sets sail on May 19, 2012 to Bermuda.  Space is limited.  Contact Kick Cancer Overboard for more information on how to apply for financial assistance.

Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services.

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