WTF is Marijuana Mouth Spray?

WTF is Marijuana Mouth Spray?

Sativex Spray

Picture courtesy of GW Pharmaceuticals

There is a ton of literature that explains how smoking medical marijuana can help cancer patients manage side effects from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy-induced nausea, appetite stimulation, pain relief & improved sleep.  There’s even some research to support curative effects from smoking marijuana. Is this a valid treatment option?  (See my post “Pass the Joint Please” for more info on medical marijuana.)

Now, British drug company GW Pharmaceuticals has developed a medical marijuana drug called Sativex which is sprayed into the mouth like a breath spray and delivers pure amounts of marijuana’s active pain-relieving ingredients delta 9-THC and cannabidiol.

So what’s difference between marijuana mouth spray and smoking medical marijuana?  Clinical trials have shown that marijuana mouth spray yields maximum pain relief without the “high” one gets from smoking marijuana.  Also, because mouth spray is delivered through ingestion, it takes much longer to take effect- at least an hour versus the few minutes it takes to get high after smoking it.  It’s been argued that drug users seeking a “high” would be less likely to abuse marijuana in a mouth spray form.

Finding a reputable dispensary can be difficult, especially one who knows the benefits and advantages of a mouth spray. It’s always best to ask them to describe what goes into their sprays, the different strains, along with their potency.

When buying marijuana spray from a dispensary, we highly advise that you compare the different strains of cannabis on the market. Buying CBD oil online for personal use is different than prescription grade Sativex for specific conditions.

The main side effect of Sativex appears to be dizziness, which usually disappears after a couple of weeks.  Sativex is already approved for use in several countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, and New Zealand. The company hopes to gain U.S. approval by 2014.

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