Picking the Cancer Treatment That Works Best for YOU

Picking the Cancer Treatment That Works Best for YOU

how to pick the cancer treatment that works best for me

Cancer Connect is an AMAZING, innovative online network for people with cancer & their caregivers.  And they host FREE, educational webinars called “Web Chat with the Experts“.  It’s an unbelievable opportunity to learn from and get your questions answered by leading medical experts.

And I’m beyond excited about this…. my very favorite doctor on the planet, Dr. David Sidransky, Director of Head & Neck Cancer Research at Johns Hopkins, Co-Founder of Champions of Oncology and one of the most highly cited researchers in clinical & medical journals in the world, will be presenting on “Picking the Cancer Treatment that Works Best for You”…. personalized oncology at it’s finest.  This is a MUST see! No registration is necessary.

To view the program, go to www.CancerConnect.com on Wednesday, November 2 at 6pm EST.  ** To submit questions for Dr. Sidransky to answer during the Live WebChat, click HERE.

Other upcoming Webinars include:

  • November 8 “Advances in Treatment Decision Making for Patients with Early-Stage Colon Cancer” presented by Dr. Howard Hochster, Director of GI Oncology at Yale School of Medicine
  • November 17Do Complementary Therapies Work?” presented by Dr. Barrie Cassileth of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center & Author of “The Complete Guide to Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care.”


Don’t miss out on these FREE, educational webinars and an opportunity to engage with the world’s top medical experts!


Read more about the wide variety of available cancer support services.

2 thoughts on “Picking the Cancer Treatment That Works Best for YOU

  1. cancerhawk Post author

    Jon Burg said…

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to a great webinar!

    November 2, 2011 10:12 AM

  2. cancerhawk Post author

    Cancer Connect said…


    We’re thrilled to stumble upon your blog and find this post. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about CancerConnect and our web chats. We’re committed to educating cancer patients and their families–and obviously you share our mission. Keep up the great work!

    November 1, 2011 12:00 PM


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