Musicians On Call

Musicians On Call

Musicians On Call

This is seriously AMAZING….  I just learned of a super cool organization called Musicians On Call.  

Studies have shown that music has a direct, healing effect on people…. music can lower blood pressure, help with pain management, reduce stress, anxiety & depression, assist Alzheimer’s patients in recalling the past, and much, much more.

Musicians On Call offers 3 incredible programs:

Bedside Performance Program brings live, in-room performances to patients undergoing treatment or patients unable to leave their hospital beds.  These one-on-one interactions between musician and patient can help lift one’s spirits that can fade while staying in the hospital.  To date, Musicians On Call has performed for more than 250,000 patients & their families.  They have regularly scheduled, weekly performances at various hospitals in NY, Philadelphia, Nashville & Miami.  Click HERE to see a complete listing of participating hospitals.

CD Pharmacies  Musicians On Call can provide hospitals with complete CD libraries and accompanying disc players for patient use.

Project Playback offers patients the opportunity to have their own music recorded and produced.  Alan would have LOVED this…. after all, he did cut vinyl once as a kid and won many karoke contests over the years… his specialties were Frank Sinatra and Rihanna.

For more information on support services, please visit our Cancer Support Services page.

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