Pennies from Heaven Provides Financial Assistance

Pennies from Heaven Provides Financial Assistance

Find a penny.  Pick it up.  All day long you'll have good luck.

Find a penny. Pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck.

If you are a parent caring for a sick child and need help making ends meet, Pennies from Heaven may be able to help.

Financial Assistance for Families With a Sick Child

Pennies from Heaven provides financial assistance for families in need so they don’t have to leave their sick child’s bedside.  They will do whatever they can to help- whether that means covering a rent or mortgage payment, electric or medical bill, or even groceries for the week.

In order to qualify for assistance, a child must be “medically involved” which means currently or recently hospitalized or receiving ongoing medical treatment at a medical facility or at home through specialized nursing care.

If a child is a patient at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, please contact the social worker or health care professional assigned to that child. He or she will have access to a Pennies From Heaven “Patient Information Form” that must be filled out to process a request.

If a child is receiving care from a hospital or medical facility other than Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia, please email Pennies from Heaven directly at and they will send you the necessary information.

Since February, 2010, Pennies from Heaven has raised about $80,000 and helped over 100 families.  Now that really is amazing!

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