Colon Cleansing & Coffee Enemas… to do or not to do????

Colon Cleansing & Coffee Enemas… to do or not to do????

When researching the different options that exist to help “cure” cancer, we found lots of different theories.  Some treatment options were FDA-approved approaches like chemo and radiation and others were alternative or holistic approaches like hypnotherapy and herbs/supplements.


Since I’m a “cover-all-your-bases kinda gal” and Alan was a scientist at heart, we took a WHOLE-istic approach to treating his cancer.  By WHOLE-istic, I mean we did just about everything… chemo; radiation; surgery; worked with Champions Oncology to implant Alan’s tumor in genetically-stripped mice for drug testing to see what would kill his cancer; visualizations & meditations; herbs and supplements like curcumin which studies have shown can slow tumor growth; diet and nutrition; acupuncture; and hypnotherapy to uncover the initial desensitizing event that caused the cancer.  We even worked with a spiritual healer from Sedona who spoke to angels.


Although some of this may sound kooky (and candidly, it was), this WHOLE-istic approach left no stone unturned. I think the only thing we did NOT do was any sort of colon cleanse to remove the toxins from Alan’s body.  And interestingly enough, it’s one thing that kept coming up in my research as something we needed to try.

“Colon cleansing has been practiced for centuries as a means of enhancing health through ridding the body of toxins.  These procedures are similar to enemas, except that the volumes in excess of 50 liters sometimes are used, and the procedure may be done repeatedly.  The liquids used often contain herbal extracts such as cat’s claw, burdock, and milk thistle, or other substances such as coffee, enzymes and probiotics.” (source: MedPage Today)

“One of the theories behind colon cleansing is that undigested meat and other foods cause mucus buildup in the colon.  This buildup produces toxins, the theory goes, which enter the blood’s circulation, poisoning the body.”  (source:  WebMD)


Touted benefits of colon cleansing (and specifically coffee enemas) include improved circulation and improved immune function, both of which are necessary to create a healthy environment within the human body.  And cancer can’t grow in a healthy environment.  Change the environment, get rid of the cancer.  Tempting, right?!  I mean, in theory, this makes perfect sense… plus the famous “Gerson Institute” swears by the power of coffee enemas.


But as I mentioned before, we did not colon cleanse.  In part because Dr. Glen Luepnitz, whom I adore and who specializes in nutritional oncology, was adamantly opposed to any sort of artificial colon cleanse or coffee enema.  Dr. L said that eating the “right” foods can effectively cleanse your system naturally.  And in part because there was no way Alan was doing anything with coffee other than drinking it.

In any case, in the back of my mind, I still wondered if there might have been any benefits to doing a colon cleanse on Alan.  Then this morning, I read an article from MedPage Today stating in no uncertain terms that their is no scientific evidence that colon cleansing is effective.  Click HERE to read the article.  In fact, the article states that colon cleansing is not medically advisable, particularly for patients who have had any gastrointestinal disorder or any other health problem (that includes cancer).


Many adverse events have been linked to these procedures including serious infections and heart failure. Even if you go to professional place to get a colon cleanse, the training that practitioners receive is not regulated.  I wonder if my favorite show “the big C” will do an episode on coffee enemas?  BTW, Dr. Luepnitz knew someone who died as a result of doing coffee enemas.


If you need more proof on why you should avoid colon cleansing, check out this ABC News segment … even though lots of movie stars do it, colon cleansing is unsafe and ineffective.  And it isn’t going to cure cancer.

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