A Roadmap to Managing Cancer

A Roadmap to Managing Cancer

A Roadmap to Managing Cancer


When Alan was diagnosed with cancer (the 2nd time around), life quickly became a roller coaster.  A few ups… a lot of downs… and quite a few loop-de-loops.  We didn’t know which end was up.


Although we found the right people and the right resources to help us, it was 100% pure luck (and one amazing Uncle) that got us there.  And boy, our cancer journey sure would have been a lot easier and maybe we would have had more good quality time with Alan had we known all this earlier in the game.


The Importance Of Knowing About Cancer Support Services

Wish I had known about Manage Cancer.  Manage Cancer provides cancer patients and their loved ones with information and links to valuable resources that can help with the day-to-day management of cancer, financial assistance, support, education, and much more.


By clicking on the Financial Assistance tab, I would have been able to see that there are organizations like Corporate Angels who will fly cancer patients to and from treatments free of charge (see posts from March 13 and March 14)instead of having to rely on luck. By clicking on the Support & Education tab, I would have learned about Imerman’s Angels who match cancer patients and caregivers to survivors with their exact same diagnosis (see posts from March 6 and March 15) instead of being fortunate enough to have a friend who knew about them.  CancerHawk is now listed under the Support & Education section of their site… yea!!!


There are thousands of amazing resources and people that want to help those touched by cancer… but finding them isn’t always easy…  especially when you don’t know what to look for.  Check out Manage Cancer for an easy to use, easy to navigate FREE listing of resources that are available to help those touched by cancer.  Do you know of a cancer resource site that isn’t listed on Manage Cancer?  If so, click HERE to tell them about one… Knowledge is power… Share the power!!!  PLEASE!!!!

For more information about support services, please visit our Cancer Support Services page.

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