Organizing A Medication Schedule

Organizing A Medication Schedule


After Alan had brain surgery, his medication schedule was extremely complex, and that’s putting it mildly.  Some of the pills were herbal supplements, but others were chemo in a pill and anti-seizure medicine. What if I forgot to give him one of those? OY!!!  And candidly, at this point in our cancer journey, I was starting to lose my mind so I was really worried about skipping a med. 

To help manage Alan’s medication schedule, I purchased a 24-compartment clear plastic box, labelled each compartment by hour, and every night before going to bed, I’d fill in the right pills to be taken at the “right” times.  All I had to do was remember to look at the box every hour and I’d know what to do. Seemed like a good plan and it was… for the most part.

Building a Personalized Medication Schedule

Wish I had known about though… a FREE website that allows users to build personalized medication schedules.  You enter the information and MyMedSchedule creates a chart to help you remember when to take your medications.  And you can even set it up to receive email, text or mobile alerts as well as prescription refill reminders. 

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  1. kristi

    I have a friend whose son received a bone marrow transplant and she uses this site all the time. All of his medical team is connected through this app and it has made her life much simpler and fewer mistakes or misunderstandings.


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