Lookin’ Good Despite Having Cancer

Lookin’ Good Despite Having Cancer

“Cancer can rob a woman of her energy, appetite and strength.  But it doesn’t have to take away her self confidence.”  (amazing quote from the Look Good… Feel Better website)

The moment someone is told they have cancer is the moment that their life is turned upside down (understatement of the century!).  I LOVE these two organizations who help women feel beautiful and “normal” despite having a cancer diagnosis.


Cancer treatments can change the way a person looks… whether it’s temporary changes to hair, skin and nails or more permanent body changes like a mastectomy, amputation or scarring.  Regardless, people still want to look their best, even at the worst of times.  Here are 2 organizations that are helping women manage appearance-related side effects of cancer…


Check out Look Good… Feel Better.  They offer FREE, nationwide group workshops teaching beauty techniques to cancer patients. Their non-medical, brand-neutral program is led by trained volunteers with a focus on helping cancer patients look as good as possible during treatment.  Visit their website for workshops in your area as well as a step-by-step make up guide, information on wig selection & styling, InStyle Makeover Tool (virtual makeover software that allows you to experiment with everything from lipstick to new hairstyles), and lots of other great resources to help women look good, and hopefully feel better.


Also check out CancerBeGlammed, an amazing site that provides women with easy online access to more than 200 products for post-op necessities (like mastectomy bras), fashion finds, pampering products & great gifts for female cancer patients.  This site was founded by 2 incredible cancer survivors determined to help cancer patients stay stylish and hopefully, feel better.


Who said “It’s better to look good than to feel good”?  Maybe now with the help of Look Good…Feel Better and CancerBeGlammed, female cancer patients can do both…  after all, every little bit helps!

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