Need Chemo? Got Answers! This is a MUST Read

Need Chemo? Got Answers! This is a MUST Read

I am so excited about this AMAZING organization that was created to help cancer patients & their caregivers navigate through the scary world of chemotherapy. Chemo101 (newly founded in 2010) is a one-stop resource for essential, accurate & objective information on chemotherapy and listings of FREE services for cancer patients.  They provide educational & practical information on the different chemotherapy agents as well as support & resources to ease the financial burden that cancer can cause.  I wish Chemo101 had existed while Alan & I were battling his cancer.


How To Navigate Chemo

Chemo101 explains in easy-to-understand language (which is key!) the different aspects of each chemo agent including:  it’s uses; how it works; method of administration (IV, pill, etc); any special prep that should be made prior to drug use; any known drug interactions (this is super important- so if you’re taking Sutent for example, you can’t eat or drink anything made with grapefruit); precautions; and potential side effects.


Did you know that approximately 30% of cancer patients (with insurance) go into financial debt because of the cost cancer?  And others don’t fill their prescriptions or get treatments because they simply can’t afford it.  At Chemo101, cancer patients & caregivers can also find info on sources of financial assistance, insurance related questions, & other resources to help navigate the financial side of chemo.  Patient Assistance Programs  (PAPs) are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide FREE medications to cancer patients who can not afford to buy their meds.  Check out Chemo101’s extensive list of PAPs  (you can search by drug name)what a GREAT resource!


And lastly, check out Chemo101Gives, a non-profit organization focused on providing financially strained cancer patients with monetary grants to cover non-medically related expenses like transportation & lodging for remote treatment, residential utilities, clothing & wigs, nutritional support, non-medical home care, etc.


Check out Chemo101… an educated patient is a better patient!  

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