Shopping for New Boobs… Breast Reconstruction

Shopping for New Boobs… Breast Reconstruction

Alright… I have to admit, the idea of getting a new pair of perky boobs is very appealing to me.  Let’s just say that after giving birth to & nursing 3 kids, the “girls” just aren’t the same.  However, opting to get a new pair of boobs is very different than needing to get a new pair.  Having breast cancer & needing a mastectomy is no laughing matter.


The Cancer Support Community is an amazing natl nonprofit organization dedicated to providing FREE emotional support, education & hope for people with cancer & their loved ones.  I just LOVE this organization & wish I had known about them during my cancer journey with Alan.  I especially LOVE their “Frankly Speaking About Cancer” series of books & workshops…. tons of amazing, important, helpful, FREE information.


The Cancer Support Community recently surveyed 762 breast cancer survivors (who were eligible for breast reconstruction) and found that 43% of these women did not receive any info about breast reconstruction PRIOR to making surgical decisions (mastectomy or lumpectomy).  Now you may decide not to reconstruct and that is of course totally fine.  But if you opt to reconstruct one or both boobs, the method you choose to reconstruct absolutely affects how the initial surgery is done.  This is an extremely important conversation to have with your doctor BEFORE a mastectomy takes place.


I had no idea there were different ways to do breast reconstruction…with implants, without implants, immediate reconstruction, delayed reconstruction, with tissue flaps, etc. etc. etc.  Did you????


The Cancer Support Community has put together an amazing resource on breast reconstruction and questions to ask your surgeon about breast reconstruction BEFORE you have any surgery.  Click here to either to download a FREE copy electronically or to order your FREE hard copy of Frankly Speaking About Cancer:  Breast Reconstruction.

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Get the latest news, information and resources to help you navigate your way through the complexities of cancer.