What is Adoptive Immunotherapy?

What is Adoptive Immunotherapy?

Immune System


I’ve just read an interesting article on another novel approach to personalized medicine and personalized oncology called “Adoptive Immunotherapy” which works with the body’s immune system to fight cancer. (Yes I’ve started reading this sort of stuff instead of my normal trashy novels.) 


Here’s my layman’s attempt to explain this type of gene therapy…

Gene therapy is another form of personalized medicine that involves altering a patients’ genes to fight or prevent diseases.  To do this, genetic material is introduced into a person’s cells to turn specific functions on or off.


To take it a step further, Immune System-Based Gene Therapy attempts to turn off a person’s cancer cells by genetically altering a patient’s own anti-tumor immune cells to fight his or her tumors.  Studies have shown that Adoptive Immunotherapy (which is a form of immune system-based gene therapy) could be an effective approach to treating metastatic melanoma and metastatic synovial cell sarcoma, as well as other cancers potentially.



Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, PhD, Chief of the Surgery Branch at the National Cancer Institute said, “We believe that this approach (Adoptive Immunotherapy) is the most effective means for using the body’s immune system to combat cancer.”  To learn more about this novel approach to fighting cancer, click here to read an article from Science Daily.  And ask your doctors about it… (again I am not a medical professional, just a determined advocate trying to share information)



(Sources:  Science Daily (January 31, 2011); SHM News (February 1, 2011))






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