Where Can I Stay When I Have to Travel for Treatment?

Where Can I Stay When I Have to Travel for Treatment?

47270007 - bedroom modern style, 3d imagesThere are times when traveling out of town for treatment is necessary. Let’s face it, you need to go where you can get the BEST treatments with the BEST doctors possible.  Where you go and what you need varies depending on your particular situation.

We live right outside of Washington, DC and had to travel to Houston, TX to see a doctor at MD Anderson.  We ended up staying in Houston for 2 ½ weeks. Between the last minute airfare to Houston (btw we flew Corporate Angel Network back home) as well as hotel and restaurant costs, we spent thousands & thousands of dollars.

Thank goodness many cancer centers try to offer free or affordable accommodations for their patients & families who travel.  To get details on available lodging options, see the website of the cancer center you are visiting

Some centers have dedicated housing for their traveling cancer patients & families. Places like these enable you spend time with others who are battling cancer, while offering a significant financial savings.  Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD) has a nearby lodging residence, the Hackerman-Patz Patient & Family Pavilion; and MD Anderson (Houston, TX) owns the Jesse H. Jones Rotary House, a full-service hotel operated by Marriott.  If you travel to NYC for treatment, Miracle House operates five 3-bedroom apartments located in midtown Manhattan for patients & caregivers and serve over 1000 families a year.

Other centers will have made arrangements with nearby hotels to offer a “medical rate” which is usually lower than the hotel’s “standard rate”.  If you stay at a hotel, make sure you ask if they offer a “medical rate”.

Check out tomorrow’s post for nationwide organizations who provide free or reduced cost lodging options for cancer patients & their families who need financial aid to travel for treatment.

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