Another Sarcoma Story

Another Sarcoma Story

For those of you who have been reading CancerHAWK for a while, you know that Alan had a very rare cancer called pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma. Sarcomas in general are unbelievably rare.  And obviously I have a special place in my heart for anything sarcoma related.  According to the American Cancer Society, “approximately 10,500 new cases of soft-tissue sarcoma are diagnosed each year in adults and children in the United States, which accounts for about 1% of new cancer diagnoses.  Relatively few doctors have experience treating sarcoma, and traditional cancer treatments often are ineffective.” (which is why I’m so grateful to Champions Oncology).


So here is a story about an amazing person, Paula Takacs, who 6 years ago had 22 lbs of tumor removed from her body.  Although she is still battling this cancer, she is also still living life.  She has founded the Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research.  They are hosting their first annual fundraiser this year.  The Sarcoma Stomp will be held next week on April 2, 2011 at the McAlpine Creek Greenway in Charlotte, NC.  To sign up, volunteer or make a donation, please visit their website Paula Takacs Foundation for Sarcoma Research.  


The beneficiary of the monies raised from the Sarcoma Stomp will be donated to The Kristen Ann Carr Sarcoma Laboratory at MSKCC. “It is run by Dr. Sam Singer, one of the foremost sarcoma surgeons in the world, who has for the last five years used the most modern methods, including nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, to investigate new treatments for sarcoma. Your support can help Dr. Singer and his staff continue to forge new inroads into this disease, through clinical trials, giving new hope to its victims.”


To read more about Paula Takacs, click here for an article from the Charlotte Observer. Alan’s sister Sue and her fabulous family, whom I love more than to infinity & beyond, are participating in the walk in memory of Alan. 


BTW, Kris Carr (as in the Kristen Ann Carr Sarcoma Lab) is an author, motivational speaker  & wellness coach.  And she is beating her extremely rare and inoperable Sarcoma at it’s own game… Check out her website Crazy Sexy Life.  It’s as amazing as she is!  I just bought her DVD Crazy Sexy Cancer & her book Crazy Sexy Diet.  I can’t wait to check these out.  If you have or know of any amazing stories, please email them to me at and I will post them.  

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Get the latest news, information and resources to help you navigate your way through the complexities of cancer.