What is “Personalized Oncology” & Why Didn’t I Know About this Sooner?

What is “Personalized Oncology” & Why Didn’t I Know About this Sooner?

After two very intense and very different protocols weren’t working, we were told to check out a clinical trial. WTF!!! How is it that the chemo didn’t kill Alan’s cancer? How many times have you heard “if the chemo doesn’t kill you, it will cure you”. Yeah right! (I don’t mean to sound facetious… it’s just so frustrating… even a year later.)


By pure luck and one amazing Uncle, we learned about “personalized medicine” & “personalized oncology.” Alan had a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. The standard protocols weren’t working. We needed help… and fast. Meet Champions Oncology, they have created a novel approach to personalized medicine…


On November 23, 2009, we meet with Dr. David Sidransky of Champions Oncology. Dr. Sidransky is an amazing and brilliant person… and he is a realistic optimist… which is exactly what we needed. I’ll never forget this date for two reasons:

#1. It was my 13th wedding anniversary (and believe it or not, 13 is a lucky number in my family).

#2. We were given HOPE again!


More about Champions Oncology tomorrow… but if you are diagnosed with sarcoma, colorectal or lung cancer (or any other type of cancer but especially one of these three types or any rare cancer), please check them out… what they are doing is incredible!!!!

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