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FREE Hats for Cancer Patients

@ the neighborhood bus stop on the first day of school 2009


Personally I love bald men so when Alan lost his hair due to chemo (actually we shaved it off before it fell out), I told him “Bald men are HOT!” and that “I love the way you look… with AND without hair.”  But without hair, his head became very sensitive to temperature changes. He got cold much more easily, even on warm days.  And the chemo made his scalp more prone to sunburn too.


Our solution = wear hats!  I just learned that there are organizations who will send FREE hats to cancer patients who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.  Amazing, right?!


Check out Hats Off To Chemothey have delivered thousands of hats of varying styles to cancer patients worldwide.  And they don’t send just any hat, you actually can pick the specific hat you’d like… check out their:


Hats Off Caps are made from 100% cotton knit fabric, come in a variety of colors and are great to wear on their own; as a soft protector cap for not-so-soft headgear; and as a sleep cap for cold nights.


  • Ball Caps come in many colors, are adjustable and are usually adorned with logos such as major companies, sports teams & cartoon characters.


  • Bucket Hats provide full protection from the sun, are very soft & comfortable to wear, and come in both adult & children’s sizes.


  • Turbans are sized small, medium & large and are super light & comfortable to wear.


  • Winter Toques are made from fleece, wool & synthetics, come in tons of colors and will really keep you warm & toasty during the cold winter months & freezing temperatures.
  • You can even make a Special Request for a hat with a specific sports team logo, favorite rock band, college, etc. on it.  Hats Off To Chemo will do their absolute best to fulfill any special request.


Good Wishes is another amazing organization who provides one FREE head covering to women experiencing thinning or loss of hair as a result of illness or treatment.



If you know of any other organizations that will send cancer patients a free hat, free wig, free headwrap or scarf, etc, please post their information.  Knowledge is power… Share the power!