COLONTOWN is “THE Place” for Anyone With Colorectal Cancer

COLONTOWN is “THE Place” for Anyone With Colorectal Cancer

A Map of ColonTown's Neighborhoods

A Map of ColonTown’s Neighborhoods


Have you ever heard of COLONTOWN, USA?  It’s not on a map and your navigation system won’t be able to find it.  It’s a private yet vibrant and engaging community that resides on Facebook.  So if you’ve had or have colorectal cancer (CRC), you should really get there for a visit. (Caregivers and advocates are also welcome.)


Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)…


COLONTOWN is a private online community where patients, survivors and caregivers who have been touched by colorectal cancer can share their experiences, knowledge and support for one another.



In COLONTOWN, residents discuss topics ranging from the side effects of chemotherapy treatments and what people are doing to overcome them TO sharing information on clinical trials TO what a drag it is to miss events with family and friends.  They also talk candidly about the ups and downs of a cancer that causes you to spend tremendous amounts of time in the bathroom.  COLONTOWN is a safe place where it’s residents can share anything they choose without fear or embarrassment….


Recently COLONTOWN added smaller, condition-specific “neighborhoods” to their town.  So if you have stage IV CRC for instance, you can connect with other patients & survivors who also have metastatic disease.  If you have Lynch Syndrome, you can visit Lynchville and connect with others with your same diagnosis.  Check out the picture above to see the different neighborhoods you can join.


So how exactly do you get to COLONTOWN?  

Just like any private community, to enter COLONTOWN you must be **invited**.  Go online to  In the search blank, enter “Erika Hanson Brown (COLONTOWN mayor)”.  Friend her, informing her that you’d like to be added to COLONTOWN.  Someone will be in touch with you to find out how they can best help you.  BTW, Erika is the Founder of Colontown and a 10 year stage iiiC colon cancer survivor… and she knows her sh**, pun intended :-)


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Get the latest news, information and resources to help you navigate your way through the complexities of cancer.